Hi, I'm Lindsay, the owner of Mom Closet and this is my little family, my inspiration. I'm a regular mama just like you. In May of 2016 I had my son, and my life and body forever changed. It's kind of incredible what the female body can do. Several months postpartum, I didn't want to keep wearing my maternity clothes but I couldn't squeeze into my pre baby wardrobe either. What's a mom to do? Shop! But with a baby, juggling feedings and sleep deprivation, I didn’t have the time to go shopping. Packing up the baby and the kitchen sink to go try on pants is a really compelling psych experiment and not for the faint of heart. When I did try and find an hour to hit the stores, I felt not only the mom guilt for leaving my baby at home but frustration when store after store didn’t have jeans that fit my new body. I just wanted something fun, feminine and flattering that worked for the different aspects of mom life. I was positive I wasn’t the only mom feeling this way. That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks and I realized I wanted to help make shopping for all moms easy! Something in our mom life has to be, right? 

Wouldn’t it be great to have an online store just for us, a place that understands moms, that we can go to when the baby is napping or whenever it works with our busy schedule? Where all we have to do is click a button and a fabulous mom look, with easy to understand sizing, appears in seconds at our fingertips, coffee or wine in hand? Enter “Mom Closet!” Sometimes, as a mom, just getting dressed in the day is a #momwin. I’m here to help. From new moms to nursing moms, playdates, going back to work and date night, Mom Closet helps moms build a wardrobe for every aspect of mom life!