What's My Size?

Typically, after you have a baby, your body shape and size changes. That's okay! Kudos on making an entire human being by the way. We can help you find your new size from the comfort of your own home. You'll never need to go into a fitting room with a fussy baby to try on clothes in random sizes ever again.

With your new Mom Closet measuring tape, finding your size is so easy your toddler can do it! Simply, download the printable below. Print it out and cut along the dotted lines. Glue it together and start measuring! Easy right?

Not sure where your hips, waist, bust & inseam are? 
Use our guide to help you >>>


1. Click on the measuring tape image to download the pdf to your desktop or mobile
2. Print measuring tape on 8.5X11 paper
2. Cut along dotted lines
3. Match the letters A-D and tape/ glue the pieces together (ie. stick A to A, B to B)
4. Measure your waist, hips, bust & inseam
5. Use our size chart as a guide to find your size.

Size Chart.png